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6 Ways to Monetize Your Blog

Make money from blogging. This is a relatively simple process. To make money from a successful blog that has many subscribers who look forward to your high-quality content. Also, a blog that is shared frequently via social media can produce very profitable results.

Here are some fast and easy ways to make money with your existing blog:

#1: Promote Affiliate Products

Use the content in your blog to reference affiliate products you promote. Promote these products either within the content itself or as the focal point of the blog posting. This could be a product review or an endorsement.

#2: Click-Per-Action Offers

A third party will pay when a visitor to your blog or website takes a particular action. These actions can be entering their email addresses, answering a questionnaire and so on. Look for and use CPA networks to find CPA offers which can be included in your blog.

CPA networks will pay-outs for someone who simply clicks a link. Others will require that the user clicks through a sequence of pages. Some will pay just a few cents while others can pay several dollars per click-through. Offers can be related directly to the content of your blog or completely unrelated.

#3: Brand Placement

Make money from blogging by using brand placement. This means that you promote a specific brand or product within your blog. Advertisers are likely to be interested if you have many loyal subscribers. It will also help if you have a reputation as an expert in your field or have very popular content which is frequently cited by others.

Companies will sometimes approach the owners of blogs or websites on which they would like to place their brands or products. However, there is nothing to prevents you from approaching companies and offering to promote their brands within your blog’s content, especially if your blog is already popular.

#4: Add a Mailing List/Newsletter Opt-In Form

Add a mailing list/newsletter opt-in form to your blog. When people sign up, use the subscriber list to promote products and services or sell the list to other bloggers or Internet marketers.

Every online business wants access to large, highly targeted email lists. Use an opt-in form to capture the email addresses of people who show an interest in your niche. Addresses and other data are loaded into your autoresponder. Then use email marketing campaigns to promote your products or services or those of other marketers.

#5: Sell Display Advertising

Make money from blogging. You can sell as much display advertising as you wish and keep all the profits. The amount you can charge for advertisements will depend on how many subscribers you have. A good reputation as a blogger will also help.

Place ads at the top, in the margins, or at the bottom of your blog page. Advertisers can be charged per impression. This could be a set amount per 1,000 viewers of your blog. Alternatively, charge a monthly fee.

#6: In-Text Advertising

Another type of ad you can sell is in-text advertising. Place links inside your text and configure them with a double underline to differentiate them from normal links. When a user rolls the mouse over such a link, a pop-up ad will appear which leads viewers to your advertiser’s web page or offer.

It is good fun and very satisfying to write blogs that share your specialized knowledge with other people. There is no reason in the world why you should not make money at the same time. The hard work and effort which goes into producing, promoting and distributing a high-quality, informative blog, deserves some reward.

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