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Secrets Most People Don’t Know

When it comes down to it, making money with Internet marketing isn’t rocket science. All you have to do is use paid or free methods which lead visitors to your offers and then use techniques within your content to maximize conversion rates.

Paying for traffic is certainly the easiest way to build your online business. You can sometimes get results within a few hours – or even a few minutes – of launching a paid traffic campaign. But as soon as the money runs out, usually so does the traffic.

The paid platform many marketers use is Google AdWords. It is big and popular. But therein lies a problem: Google AdWords is so big that it’s often extremely hard to get your offers noticed by consumers. It is so filled with competition that you need to spend a fortune bidding on the best keywords or risk getting little return for your marketing spend.

Also, Google has a rather poor support structure and has also built a reputation for being hostile toward affiliate marketers. Google has been known to ban accounts suddenly and without explanation. And they are so big, they can get away with it!

Alternatives to Google AdWords

Google is not the only player. For many marketers, Bing and Yahoo are better alternatives and although they account for only 29.2% of the search engine marketplace, that is 29% of billions of online users. Both are not only “affiliate friendly” but provide better service.

Best of all, while competitors are spending a fortune bidding on the best keywords on Google, you can quietly and effectively promote your offers on Bing and Yahoo without overspending on the best keywords.

Less Expensive Paid Methods

Two other highly effective paid methods are Facebook Ads and solo ads.

Facebook seems to share Google’s contempt for affiliate marketers, however its ad program is worth considering because of its ability to provide extremely targeted demographic and psychographic information. This means that you can tailor your offers not only on age, gender and geographic location but also on likes and dislikes, interests and preferences.

The biggest benefit of solo ads is the price. Your budget will extend much further using solo ads as compared to working with a bigger, more expensive marketing platform. Also your ads are seen only by people who already have proven to be passionate about your niche.

Secret Free Traffic Methods

Right now, social approval signals are the top measure of site ranking. But creating backlinks to your web pages from high authority sites still can influence your page’s rankings.

Search engines consider authority sites to be anyplace web users go when they are searching for answers to niche-related questions. They include such sites as,,, Yahoo Answers, and so on. Sites with the suffix .gov and .edu also are considered authority sites by the search engines.

Creating Links from Authoritative Sites

Here’s a fast, easy way to create links to your pages from authoritative sites:

  1. Go to any of these sites
  2. Create an article or comment on an existing post
  3. Leave a link to your pages in the About the Author box

When readers follow that link back to your page, you have a new high-target prospect and your page ranking will improve at the same time.

When you use these traffic generating secrets, you don’t have to spend a fortune promoting your offers or attracting new visitors to your web pages.