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Make Sure Your Website Looks Great on Tablets and Phones

Internet marketers often think that once their website is up and running, their biggest job is finished. This is a mistake. The process is just beginning. To understand why, think about this: “How do you usually access the Internet?”

If you are like most people these days, this answer will be, “Through my smartphone” or “From my tablet.” Because Wi-Fi is almost universally available and mobile access devices are affordable, most web users today access internet sites and pages from portable mobile devices rather than their laptops or desktop computers.

That means that the website you have just finished creating is essentially obsolete – at least if it’s not optimized for mobile devices.

Present Critical Content Concisely

Mobile users don’t want to download an entire web page. It is too much information, both for the user and for the devices themselves. Instead, they look for key information they can access quickly without having to click around to a lot of different pages.

It’s difficult, if not downright impossible to click on a button on a smartphone!
That means that your website must have a simpler, streamlined version which mobile users can be diverted to. In other words, your content needs to be mobile-optimized.

People Are Attached to Their Mobile Devices

Today, most people will not leave home without their smartphone and are using their mobile devices far more often than PCs and laptops – especially when it comes to searching for products and services while on the go.

If a business has only a regular website, it is ignoring the majority of customers who use the Internet today.

Because mobile devices have small screens, run slower than PCs, and have irritatingly small keypads, the mobile version of your web page must account for these disadvantages. Mobile optimized pages must be easy to read, provide critical content up top and be easy to navigate without the use of the keyboard.

Mobile Optimization Advantages

When content is optimized for mobile devices, it provides access to a much larger pool of prospective customers. In addition, tracking will be improved thanks to built-in technologies of most mobile web page generating software.

Information about how page visitors behave once they reach your mobile-optimized web pages can be used to improve your pages and make them even more effective and give the results you want.